Hello, World!

After running this tutorial, you will have

  • gotten comfortable with Legalese's Yellow Spreadsheets
  • created a PDF of your own
  • read the README
  • glanced at the XML source files.

You set up a Yellow Spreadsheet for the first time. You are now a power user!

  1. Copy our template to your Google Drive account. (Say yes to “Make a copy?”)

  2. You should be in the Hello World tab. Some of the cells are bright yellow. We chose the same shade of yellow that you’ve seen in Word docs where you’re expected to fill in the blanks.

  3. Go ahead and fill in your particulars in the blank Row 14. If you leave it blank, we’ll make something up for you. Change the email address for the Acme Example company to be one of your email addresses.

  4. What about the cells that aren’t in yellow? You can look, but don’t touch. Yet.

  5. Create an agreement! Go to the navigation bar at the top of the spreadsheet. Click Add-ons / Legalese / Generate PDFs. Approve the authorization request.

  6. A link should appear in cell E6 of the spreadsheet. It leads to an output folder in Google Drive.

  7. In that folder, you should see an XML file. Yay! You are not expected to understand the XML. That’s the job of the Legalese Robot.

  8. Wait three minutes for the Legalese Robot to turn the XML into a PDF. (While you wait, you might check out the README file.)

  9. If, after three minutes, a PDF doesn’t appear, just reload the web page.

I noticed the output folder was shared with robot@legalese.io. What if I have confidential information?

The Legalese Robot operates without any human involvement, turning XML into PDF tirelessly, day and night. In the normal course of operation, no human views your agreements. If debugging or troubleshooting is needed, only with your permission will a human view your XML or PDF files. (Errors are logged to a separate file which help us debug without ever viewing your agreements.)

Are the yellow spreadsheets shared?

No, the yellow spreadsheets are not shared with the Legalese Robot. The robot only has access to your XML, which it needs to generate the PDFs.