A Real Nondisclosure Agreement

After running this tutorial, you will have

  • created a real NDA ready for execution

You, a power user, choose a real-world docset, and create a real-world agreement, taking advantage of the INCLUDE keyword to reuse the entities from a different tab.

  1. Look at the row of tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  2. You will see tabs with names like NDA, Entities, Incorporation, Class F, and Seed Round. Let’s start with a simple agreement: a nondisclosure.

  3. Go to the NDA tab.

  4. Note that one of the section headings is INCLUDE Hello World. That tells Legalese to load the Entities data from the Hello World tab.

  5. Generate PDFs and wait a couple minutes for the PDF to show up.

  6. This time, you should see that the PDF is now a nondisclosure agreement.

  7. There are two kinds of NDAs: unilateral and bilateral. Change cell B9 to suit, and generate again, if necessary.

  8. If you actually want to send a real NDA, update the Entities in Hello Word with real particulars, then repeat the steps from Tutorial 3.

What does the Counterparty line in the ROLES section mean?

The NDA template uses two parties: the Company, and the Counterparty. Cell B13 says [Buyer], which means: every Buyer is a Counterparty, so Legalese defines Counterparties by substituting the Buyer from the Hello World tab.