Introducing Docsets

You, a power user, browse all the docsets that are available in Legalese. A docset generates one or more agreements. So far, all the docsets you’ve seen contain only one agreement.

  1. Look at the row of tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  2. You will see tabs with names like NDA, Entities, Incorporation, Class F, Seed Round and Cap Table.

  3. You can generate dummy agreements by going to each tab and clicking Generate PDFs. Each tab except Entities and Cap Table, that is.


This tab is special. It contains the particulars of the parties to your agreements. It doesn’t generate any agreements; other agreements refer to this.

Why? Because the names and addresses of your company, founders, employees, and investors are details used by multiple different agreements. The DRY principle says we should keep all that information in one place and not repeat it. So it lives in the Entities tab instead of repeating across multiple tabs.


All the paperwork involved in an incorporation is available here:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form 45 (if Singapore)
  • JFDI Standard Shareholders Agreement
  • JFDI Standard Volunteer Agreement

In the next tutorial, you produce all the paperwork needed for incorporation.