You, a power user, configure the spreadsheets to create multiple agreements within a single document set.

  1. Go to the Incorporation tab.

  2. Generate PDFs. In a few minutes, you should see dummy documents for Frog Porridge Pte. Ltd., a company with three froggy founders and one wormy intern.

  3. Look under the Configuration section. You’ll see a line that says Templates:, followed by four templates named jfdi_memorandum, form45, jfdi_shareholders_agreement, and jfdi_volunteer_agreement. When you click Generate PDFs, those templates get filled. If you happen to actually be generating a Singapore company, put real particulars into the Entities tab.

  4. You’ll also need to put real particulars into the Roles section. You might need to have a heart-to-heart with your co-founders before you fill in num_shares.