HOWTO Earn the Org Designer Badge

Org Designers are what others might call the inner circle, the tight-knit cabal, the senior management of the Legalese organization.

Companies build products; entrepreneurs build companies.

If our product is a machine that makes legal agreements, then our organization is the machine that makes the product.

If a regular contributor works on the product, an Org Designer works on the organization. The Org Designer role has to worry about how expenses get paid, how to bring revenue in the door, how to keep investors happy, how to minimize friction and drama so that others can do Real Work.

To gain the Org Designer Badge, you have to acquire the following prerequisite badges:

  • Canon Reader Badge
  • Startup Management Reader Badge

To be invited to join the Org Designer Circle, you have to possess the Org Designer badge, and be invited by the existing members of the Org Designer Circle.

Reset Expectations

Legalese is an opensource organization and a startup at the same time.

We embarked on this adventure in the first place because contracts are complicated and we wanted the world to enjoy easily access to legal agreements, informed by the spirit of computer science. Our organization is transparent because startups are hard and we wanted to offer a living example for other entrepreneurs, informed by the spirit of opensource culture.

If your working experience comes from the corporate world, academia, high-tech startups, Burning Man, or opensource projects, you may find some parts of the Legalese elephant familiar … while others may feel foreign at first. Be mindful of your assumptions and be prepared to change.