About Us

Software is eating law.

At Legalese, computer scientists and lawyers are defining computational law.

As of April 2016, Legalese’s v1 soft beta has supported over $1M in deal volume.

We are now working on developing a more user-friendly v2.

You can join our announcements list or our discussion list.

Being an opensource project, Legalese welcomes contributions from developers, domain experts, and entrepreneurial engineers.

The important stuff

About the Team

  • Meng Weng Wong - Product Manager
    v1.0 developer, 3 prior startups, 1 prior OSS project, Angel Investor, CompSci upenn.edu

  • Virgil Griffith - Evangelist
    Previous work: Wikiscanner, Tor2web, OnionLink, Ph.D. Caltech

  • Alexis Chun - Lawyer
    Legal developer, self-taught JavaScript, Team Manager, LL.B Queen Mary University of London

  • Ong Chiah Li - Researcher
    Application domain expert. 6 years experience as associate & funding manager at VC firms.

  • Colin Charles - Opensource Big Deal.
    Previous with MySQL from Series B -> $1B exit. Advises on commercial strategy.

  • Johanan Ottensooser - Lawyer, Evangelist
    Fintech & regulatory innovation specialist. L.B. & Economics University of Technology Sydney

  • Job Chong - Web+Legal Developer
    Javascript, D3, Node, JavaScript, Legalese XML, Hearthstone. LL.B NUS

  • Anuj Gupta - Web Developer
    DevOps specialist. Javascript, Linux, opensource.

  • Vikram Verma - DSL R&D
    Mathematics, formal logics, functional programming, static analysis, Coq, Agda, Idris, Haskell.