Contact Us

I want to hop on a phone-call to chat!

We get about 2-3 requests like this per day. And if we agreed to them, we would cease to be getting work done. So, no cold-calls, ever.

I propose a strategic partnership

If you or your firm wish a relationship that goes beyond an exchange of logos, please email with a proposal that describes deliverables for both parties with specific dates. If your proposal does not contain these specifics, you are unlikely to get a response.

Tech Support needed!

If our app isn’t working, use the support forum.

I like what you’re doing, keep me posted on your progress

I have advice/questions/news that is not confidential

Please join our community mailing list,, and post to it directly so your message can reach the widest useful audience.

I have advice/questions/news that is confidential

We appreciate your forwardness, but if it’s confidential, and we’re not under NDA, then you probably shouldn’t be sharing it with us.

I have advice/questions/news that is not confidential, but I don’t want to post publicly!

Unfortunately, we lack the resources to engage over private channels, with three exceptions: media inquiries, investor relations, and strategic partnerships.

  • I’m from the media

    Logos and other print/web-ready assets are available at our media kit. Email us at with questions, angle, and deadline. We are happy to be quoted about smart-contract (in)security, the potential and the risks of smart contracts both on-blockchain and off-, and how LegalTech is disrupting the legal industry generally.

  • I want to sell you something

    We welcome marketing emails, whether targeted or not. But if you’d like us to respond, please email us at, tell us about Liz Lemon and Tom Jones, and incorporate the line “there’s always money in the banana stand” in your introductory email.

I want to invest

If you are an individual, please email indicating whether you meet the criteria for an accredited investor in Singapore and proposed investment range. If you represent a venture fund, please email us, indicating your usual criteria for seed-stage investments. We will respond with a deck when we are not too early for you!

I want to join the team

Are you sure? It is unglamorous work, like spam-moderation, reimbursement reviews, and compensation negotiations, and it requires several months’ worth of unpaid volunteering and reading before you can become a full member of the opensource project, much less the possibility of pay. You can start at How Legalese Works.

If you really want to get involved and can spend at least 10 hours a week, we seek volunteer contributors in the following areas:

  • Design and Implementation of Domain Specific Languages Design a DSL suitable for drafting legal agreements and regulations. The users of the DSL—its “programmers”—may be lawyers or end-users.
  • Source-to-source translation Write a compiler that reads the DSL and outputs to Haskell, Racket, or Elixir.
  • Library Creation Develop a Creative Commons BY-SA-NC body of standard agreements and clauses in the DSL, adaptable for multiple jurisdictions.
  • Formal Methods Model checking, verification—is the contract complete? Are there internal inconsistencies?
  • Data Visualization Show how the programs behave under different scenarios. What are the outcomes for different parties? What actions are required from parties in the future?
  • Natural Language Generation Enhance the compiler to target English and at least one other natural language. Introduce an aggressive optimizer that matches patterns and substitutes terser alternatives without loss of semantics. The goal is to produce an isomorphism with the original legal text.
  • Natural Language Processing Run the compiler in reverse. Read existing regulations and legal agreements. Write the isomorphic representation in the DSL.
  • Fintech/Blockchain Adapt the compiler to output to Ethereum language source or bytecode.

Where do I sign up?

  1. Our community kibitzes on the mailing list. Start here.

  2. Getting your feet wet. Our project management runs on Github Issues. Pick off some low-hanging fruit from the Open Issues. Ask any questions on the ticket. For a more pleasant interface, you can also use

  3. Jumping into the deep-end. You brave intrepid explorer. Email for an invitation to join the Legalese Slack! If you’ll need access to the Legalese Google Drive repository, mention this in the Slack.